We aspire to fulfil the growing individual and collective need for empowering Self Healing practices which lead to Permanent Wellbeing and Inner Peace. Our five-year goal is to have our Strategies and Tools known, sold and used in all countries. This approach will be a major Health Movement in the world.


We facilitate core values for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. With our proven strategies we help individuals achieve permanent Well-being, Happiness and Peace.

About Anna

My name is Dr. Anna Elizabeth Carling. I’m delighted that you’re here and I sincerely hope that our communication will continue! Since you want to know about me I can in return look forward to your sharing about your life and challenges. Through that, it’ll be easier to find the answers we seek to our individual questions and puzzles.

On one hand, sharing comes easy for me since I was born as a middle child into a large family where we had to learn early on to save and share. It was not always smooth either, but my mother was an amazing peacemaker and most often we ended up our little quarrels with forgiving and forgetting.

On the other hand, I am typically Finnish in my character in that I like solitude and silence. We have long, dark winters in Kajaani, where I was born and grew up. When daylight only lasts for a few hours in midwinter one is prone to learn deeper reflection. Even as a very young child, I would spend time under the kitchen table behind the oilcloth, where I enjoyed a bit of solitude from my lively siblings – I will share more about those times later.

On this page, you can read about my life experience and commitment to Holistic Healing and Human Potential throughout my adult years. All of my pursuits have been directed toward those objectives.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healing practitioner in Toronto since 1990.
Healing Tao Instructor since 1992.
Holistic Healing – nutrition, exercises, meditation 1980-85.
Founder-director of Claremont Experiment for Human Potential 1969-1974.
Co-creator of television programs using Creative Drama 1968 and 1979.
A single parent of two sons after my twelve-year marriage ended.
Teacher of Creative Drama 1964-1968 (including Expo-67).
Workshops for Teachers – Creative Drama in the Classroom 1965-68.
Public Health Nurse at the United Nation’s Health Service, N.Y. 1955-56.
A nurse at Toronto Western Hospital 1953-54.


Instructor of Healing Tao 1992.
PhD in Allied Health Sciences 1989, followed by a program in Shanghai.
Mc.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine 1988. Lic. Ac. California, Dipl. of Ac. NCCA, USA.

Canada Council Grant to study Creative Drama in England 1967.
Improvisational Theatre studies 1961-64.
Registered Nurse, Ontario 1953.
Public Health Nurse, Helsinki, Finland 1952.


A board member, Committee for Certified Acupuncturists in Ontario 1999-2001.
A teacher of Acupuncture (Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine and on a freelance basis) 1993-95.

Interviews for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.

A member of the Toronto Grail Circle for Advancement of Spiritual Consciousness.

As a health professional I realized early on that many physical problems stem from mental, emotional and spiritual disorders.

Always looking for new ways to help people to harmonize their lives, I studied and used improvisational theatre techniques for self-expression in my workshops. President of Canadian Child and Youth Drama Association 1965-67.

As a student of trans-personal psychology I learned from the writings of Jung, Rank, Assagioli and others in addition to spiritual teachings especially by Sufi and Taoist masters. My choice to study Chinese Medicine was influenced by my commitment to Holistic Healing.

I have written articles for professional publications, poems, stories and scripts.

My novel ‘Her Secret Service, Silent Power of Womanhood’ seeks to answer the question; How did the women in Moses’ life influence him to achieve his Mission and Enlightenment? How did the Feminine side of life contribute to one of the greatest happenings in human history?

This website uses Ancient Chinese Medicine with non-invasive Acupuncture along with Taoist and other meditations as guidelines for achieving Physical-Mental-Spiritual Health, Expansion of Consciousness and ultimate Enlightenment.

Some of the illustrations have been obtained through the generosity of Master Mantak Chia from his Healing Tao books available at

I am extremely thankful to all ancient and modern Masters for their hands-on as well as scientific studies which I have found supportive to my approach to Holistic Healing.