Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as Hot Stone Therapy?

No.  Our therapy are not hot stone therapy. When the healing disks are on, some of the points may feel hot, but this is your body’s reaction as the energy and neural blocks begin to dissolve.

Can I use the same disks for multiple people?

Of course.  Just wipe the disks with a damp tissue after each use, as per the instructional guide, and they are ready to use again for anyone.  You can think of the kit as a family investment, as well as an individual one.

Can I order more disks if I want?

Yes!  We would be happy to ship more disks, as there are a few prescriptions, such as the Anti-Ageing Treatment that can use up to 20 disks.

How long do the disks last?

There really is no life limit on the disks.  With proper use and care, they should last you indefinitely.  Their healing powers do not run out!

Do I need to rest afterwards?

This is really up to you.  It is recommended that you take a moment after removing the disks to experience the gentle changes that are happening within you. The healing continues on subtle levels as more and more harmony and peace spreads throughout your being. However, if you have no time for reflection, just carry on your day with the awareness of how the disks are helping you.

How long do I leave them on my body for?

You can leave the disks on your body for up to 40 minutes, depending on how sensitive you are.  Even if you start with only a few minutes and continue using them while increasing the time with each application, you’ll learn to know when their job is done and they can be removed.

Is there a best time to apply the disks?

No!  The disks can be applied any time of day, and in almost any situation, depending what you are wanting to treat.  For instance, if you are experiencing greater than usual stress levels, it may be the perfect time to use the disks with the stress-relief prescription.

So what are the disks made of again?

The disks are made of tourmaline stone. The stones are seen in many colours and when transparent, are considered as semi-precious gemstones. They have been used by many cultures for their healing qualities for centuries. The tourmaline used to make the disks has an added quality of having been treated with nanotechnology.  Certain beneficial qualities not available before have been brought out through the treatment process, and our disks carry these beneficial qualities.