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Do it yourself acupuncture?

Yes! — It Is Possible!

We all experience different types of ailments and pains in our lives, perhaps now more than ever before.  With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we don’t have the time to be going to the hospital or drugstore to remedy our illnesses.

We are here to introduce a new approach to self-healing in an Acupuncture kit that uses no needles, and that you can use yourself without the need for a professional.  The kit makes use of ceramic disks made of semi-precious tourmaline stone that has bee treated with nanotechnology.  The resulting disks are then placed on the acupuncture points (on the body) and have the same effect as acupuncture needles without piercing the skin.

We want to bring the benefits acupuncture to you in this easy to use kit. In our Do-It-Yourself Acupuncture Kit, you’ll find 10 tourmaline disks which you can use in the comfort of your home. For sports injuries, as an example, you can apply the disks on painful areas along with other specified points, and expect to be back on the field in no time!

Tourmaline Disks:

  • Simple to Use
  • Trigger Point Accuracy
  • Non-Invasive
  • Durable
  • No Side Effects
  • Economical
  • Proven Effectiveness
The Healing Disks are made of Tourmaline stone and treated with Nanotechnology, which can affect materials on an exceedingly small scale. This technology is used in medicine to provide better healing effects than were previously possible. Our disks are one example.

So how do the Healing Disks Work?

Placed on the chosen body points, the 1.3″ wide disks interact with the body’s energy (Chi) channels creating a resonance that gently dissolves existing energy blocks. Open pathways enable the fluid intelligence of the Source Energy (WuChi), present in all creation, to act on and harmonize the brain, nerves, blood, muscles, organs, even bone marrow.  Use of the disks restores order on the body’s cellular physiology and consequently rebalances the whole body bringing well-being.


Some Background on Acupuncture

Acupuncture means “needle-piercing”, but with our Acupuncture kit, there is no needle piercing necessary!  The Holistic Healing system is based on acupuncture principles and techniques.  The disks are placed on the skin corresponding to the specific Energy (Chi) channels and trigger points in order to achieve the same healing effect as in traditional acupuncture.  That is, releasing the clogged energy streams.

Think of the acupuncture channels as a road system along the pathways of nerves and blood vessels within the body.  Along the spine runs the superhighway, and off of it go the smaller roads, eventually reaching every part of the body.  When ramps to the highway, or the intersections of smaller roads, get blocked, the highways and roads get congested, and the vehicles are not able to move.

Stress and anxiety caused by disturbing experiences as well as previous and existing illnesses and traumas are all contributors to energy blockages in the body.  By using the selected acupuncture points, this congestion is cleared, enabling the healing information and energy to flow freely throughout the body.

The guide book included in the kit outlines everything you need to know about using the disks and includes 83 diagrams that show where to place the disks depending on what you want to treat or improve within your body.  And if you have questions, I’m only an email away!

Use the disks to help

  • Relieve pain
  • Build resistance to disease
  • Harmonize metabolism
  • Lose weight
  • Balance energy and blood circulation
  • Strengthen the organs of the body
  • Improve the immune system
  • Lessen water retention and fat deposits
  • Protect the body against infection
  • Expel toxins and waste
And on the emotional side of life…
  • Overcome anxiety and depression
  • Transform anger into kindness
  • Hastiness to calm action
  • Worry into trust
  • Sadness into joy
  • And fear into gentleness and peace

Prior to public release, the use of disks in place of needles was tested for 8 years to see whether it was an effective alternative within the acupuncture world.  Since then, the use of healing disks has become more common in Chinese hospitals and is spreading to other parts of the world as well.

From our Users:

“I suffered from tennis elbow (my right and left arms) for over a year. Visits to the doctor and to the specialist brought no relief. I tried painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, to no avail. I could not lift grocery bags or my knapsack without pain. After using the disks in one treatment only, I had immediate relief. After eight treatments, the pain was permanently gone. I can lift heavy bags and objects with no problems. I recommend the disks unequivocally. I continue to use them about once a week to maintain a pain-free existence.” Bill B.

“For most of my adult life, I have suffered from migraines and headaches. Chiropractic adjustments helped, but I continued to experience mild headaches and stiffness. Using the disks on the suggested areas (back of the neck and top of the wrists) has effectively removed any tension-related headaches and symptoms. I also sleep better, and am generally more relaxed.” Becky S.

“I experienced painful sciatica caused by a herniated disk. The healing disks eased the pain before and after the operation – with no need for pain medication. Now I use the disks to overcome stress, to improve my immune system and for rejuvenation. I am so thankful!” Elizabeth L.