• We offer proven Strategies using D.I.Y. Needle-free Acupuncture for natural Self-Healing, Prevention and Transformation of Consciousness. Doing this work clears and re-balances your EnerChi and Neural Pathways for permanent wellness and happiness.

  • Our programs include professionally prepared instructions for using our Self-Healing Strategies with Nanotechnology enhanced Tourmaline Stones. You can effectively master stress, relieve many kinds of pain, headaches, anxieties, worries, depression, insomnia and other mental/emotional and spiritual symptoms.

  • This is your opportunity – Return to Your Brilliance! Trace back from the points of pains to their origin, then to your Essence of Being, where lasting Wellness, Peace and Joy
    awaits for you!

  • Everything for Self-Healing and tapping beyond the mind for the EnerChi of Great Love is here. Become ready to realize your ‘Happy Soul in Healthy Body!’

Why Choose Our Services

Convenient Self-Help in the comfort of home
Experienced Caring and Guidance
Save money and time
Holistic, for lasting Wellness and Peace

Self-Healing by Using Dr. Carling's Strategies with
DIY Acupuncture Kit

The DIY Needle-less Acupuncture Kit

What Our Clients Say

What is Return to Brilliance?

It’s an individually experienced healing journey from the point of pain or disharmony within the body, mind/emotions and spirit, to the recognition and use of the universal Life Force EnerChi for permanent wellness, peace and joy.

Our online program utilizes recent discoveries in NeuroScience with the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture. By using our strategies and tools you can chart your way back and clear your neural and energy channels. When done, the Life Force Power manifests as an ongoing EnerChi renewal for your body, mind and spirit, the way it does in all undisturbed nature.

Living life in this clear Way (Tao) means permanent wellness and happiness.

Inspired, but. . . No worries!

Inspired? Then go for it with no worries!

When you buy one of the above programs, the DIY needle-less Acupuncture Kit is part of
it. The kit contains ten tourmaline stones, a guidebook, activation liquid and surgical tape

to secure the disks if needed.

The chosen program is easy to adapt to the other common conditions in the 100 -page
guidebook. They have western names but can be worked on with the nanotechnology
enhanced Acu Stones by following the instructions on each page plus the information

contained in the one purchased.

For sports injuries, as an example, choose the page and apply the disks on painful areas
along with other specified points and expect to be back on the field in no time! And, since
the Acu Stones are re-usable, you’ll have at-home health care for years to come.

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