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Stress Mastery, Self-Healing, Return to Brilliance
Guided Online Programs for Practice at Home

Do you feel periodically stressed-out
during these challenging times?
Would you welcome permanent freedom from
physical, emotional or spiritual pains and disharmonies?

You’re now at the right place to transform
them into positive experiences.
Our Self-Healing Strategies using DIY Needle-free Acupuncture can help you open up your neuro-acupuncture channels for your ultimate Healing Power to flow freely again.

We call this EnerChi of Great Love.

With your purchased program you’ll receive DIY Needle-free Acupuncture kit with ten nanotechnology enhanced tourmaline stones and an instruction booklet on how to Self-Heal eighty three common conditions.
With my strategies and loving guidance you have here a complete, easy-to-follow action plan for working toward steadfast wellness and life-long happiness.

We present to you now three special programs

1. Master the Stress, Relieve Anxiety, Fears & Pains, Return to your Brilliance
2. Self-Heal your Wrist, Master Stress, Anxiety & Fears, Return to Your Brilliance
3. Self-Heal Your Back, Master the Stress, Return to Your Brilliance

After your Purchase

Having learned the process, you’ll be able to adapt the instructions
to your or a loved-one’s other conditions.
Our reusable Acu Stones are effective for years to come.

In order to learn more and communicate with others, you’re invited to participate in our Question and Answer sessions where our minds join in the similar purpose.
And you’ll love a free 45 min. private coaching session with me.
Also, as a special bonus you’ll receive my course,
Breathe for Balanced EnerChi of Great Love.

Buy now to light up your healing journey!

EnerChi of Great Love educates and heals you. It will anchor you and your loved-ones to live healthy, happy and holy lives on this wonderful earth.


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