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Revolutionizing Health

You are fortunate in being introduced here to the revolutionary, yet well-planned self-healing programs. Studying and practising them you’ll have clear understanding of your physical, emotional and spiritual health needs. And you’ll know how to tap your intuition and complimentary elements to gain permanent wellness and happiness.

Our Return to Brilliance programs evolved from decades of my study, personal experience and practice of Western Health disciplines along with Chinese Medicine, Healing Tao and spiritual teachings such as ‘In the Light of Truth by Abdrushin’.

To compliment the programs, we have recorded and transcribed dozens of sessions related to physical, emotional and spiritual topics. They will help your quest for deep healing and transformation into a happy, holy and exuberantly healthy being.

On your part, this asks for openness, buying a program and your commitment to using our directives and tools on your return journey toward your original Brilliance of Being.

Your DIY Needle-free Acupuncture Kit can be applied for years to come and used to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual disharmonies even beyond the eighty three prescriptions within the guidebook.

When done, the universal Life Force EnerChi manifests freely as an ongoing renewal for your Body, Mind/Emotions and Spirit.

Can you ask for more?

You’ll love our Q/A Sessions, my course ‘Breathe for Balanced EnerChi’ and

a free 45 minutes private coaching session with me, Dr. Anna Carling.