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Boost Your Immune System to avoid Cold and Flu!

The old saying, ‘It’s better to build a well before you’re thirsty’ applies to Flu Prevention along with other wise principles of ancient Chinese Medicine.

You find here two aspects to the advice.

The first one is for the first cold and flu symptoms, which can develop quickly into a full blown influenza if not stopped on time.

The second aspect is to boost your immune system on an ongoing basis with DIY Needle-less Acupuncture Disks and Immune System Supplements.

This approach helps alleviate cold flu symptoms while giving you a renewed sense of strength and vitality. The approaches overlap.

Prevention of Cold and Flu while Boosting Your Immune System

Drink plenty of warm fluids. If possible add Taheebo tea to your habits.

Warm soups in winter – chicken-with-herbs soup.

Enough rest during the flu season.

Wash hands frequently and vigorously for at least twenty seconds each time.

Use DIY Needle-less Acupuncture disks under the ears, below the jaw and the soft hollow on both sides below the occiput (about two inches from the centre at the back). See the guidebook which comes with the kit to add other points. The application of the disks clears out toxins from the glands.

When in cold, rain or snow keep warm – particularly your head, neck and feet.

Be alert to the First Symptoms (tiredness, stuffy feeling, cloudy thinking, shivers, sneezing, runny nose, headache, uneasiness).

Gargle with salt water to prevent sore throat.

And remember, if you don’t drop everything now and rest, you may suffer much later.

Have a bottle of YIN CHIAO handy, follow the instructions and take when the First Symptoms appear and continue up to four days if necessary.

This safe herbal flu remedy has been used in China for hundreds of years in flu prevention – to stop colds, fevers, bodily pains, sore throat, headache, swollen glands, acute bronchitis and other febrile conditions.

Yin Chiao is one of the most effective natural remedies, but it is not an immune system supplement, therefore do not use it for more than four days on each occasion.

To boost your immune system use . . .

Ginseng-Astragalus combination

Take Vitamin C 2000mg a day. the human body does not produce this vitamin although it is necessary for removing toxins we all accumulate.

Multivitamins including A, B, D and E plus flax seed oil.

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