Hearing My Heart Speak

Here, sitting in the sun I hear my heart speaking. It brings me to the question of clarity and how the concept of clarity relates to purity and the importance of those two words in my thought and action. The quest for clarity is a way to the essence of my spirit for pure spirit is clear.

How do we accomplish this in our lifetime, and at this time of human history?

In the Sufi tradition that work was always done by those who chose or were directed to spend time in solitude, in meditation, in the practice of Zikr, the Remembrance of God. And so it has been with all traditions. Cabalah and Christian mystics, Hindus and Buddhists have valued this way of concentration, and similarly those who followed the Tao of Lao Tzu’s directives.

In my lifetime those periods that I have spent with Sufi masters and studies of scriptures from past centuries, or communicated with people who are of similar aspirations and spiritual vibration have been valuable. This has enabled me to better understand the new, awakened consciousness emerging with many different forms of expression, each reflecting the spiritual culture or form it springs from.

The intuitive realizations of many young people now cut through the earlier long term concentrations toward becoming whole, a knowing one. It seems that this is a birthright or a shift in their consciousness happening as a flash, as an Aha! moment of awakening.

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