Chinese Herbal Tea

My friend Prudy, raised in Hong Kong where Chinese healing herbs are an essential part of everyday cooking, continues to be enthusiastic about their use for preservation of youthfulness and perfect health. The following tea recipe is her contribution.

Morning Herbal Eye Tea

Function: To cleanse and build a stronger liver which eventually benefits your eyesight.

Herbs used: 1) Gougizi (Gogi berries) 15 pieces 2) Juhua (Chysanthemum flowers) 3-4 pieces

Use hot water to rinse the herbs. Steep herbs in half a cup of hot boiling water for 10 minutes. Disregard Juhua and take the juice and gogi berries.

One cup a day will improve your eye sight. You can obtain the herbs from a Health Food Store, or a Chinese or Western Herbalist.

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