Daily Tao Sounds

Daily Tao Sounds

Daily Tao Sounds for health and healing have been used in China over 1500 years. They have been taught by Kung Fu and Chi Kung masters, and the magical cry ‘Yi’ of an early shaman healer still means doctor in Chinese language.

We all know that singing, humming or making pleasant sounds to a baby soothes and comforts the child as well as the one who makes the sounds. Agreeable, positive sounds release emotional pressure and are Natural Stress Relief for any age. For healing anxiety disorder and as a depression self help, Daily Tao Sounds recycle and transform negative energy into positive Chi, therefore into positive feelings.

Personal Experiences using Daily Tao Sounds

Sounding is an enjoyable practice for me and have been instrumental in strengthening my lungs (which were weak due to childhood illnesses) and overcoming persistent feelings of sadness and hastiness. Also, if I practice daily, the Tao sounds energize me for the day and help me sleep better at night.

I discovered in my Healing Tao workshops that many young people who admit having anger, hold fear or sadness on a deeper level. For them, recognizing these feelings as ‘stuck’, negative energy which transforms into positive Chi through daily Tao sounds practice, is more acceptable than seeing them as psychological problems.

Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds you learn on this page are done following the nurturing cycle of Five Phases. Each organ system corresponds to an element, a season, color, taste and a transforming emotion. To learn more about Five Phases, please click on the graphic.

  • Lung/Large Intestine – Metal – Autumn – White – Pungent – Sadness to Joy, Courage – Sound is SSSSSSS.  (tongue behind teeth).

  • Kidney/Urinary Bladder – Water – Winter – Dark Blue – Salty – Fear to Peace, Gentleness – Sound is WOOOOOO. . . (lips as when blowing out a candle).

  • Liver/Gall Bladder – Wood – Green – Sour – Anger to Tolerance, Kindness. The Sound is SHHHHHH. (tongue near palate).

  • Heart/Small Intestine – Fire – Red – Bitter – Hate, Impatience to Love, Compassion. The Sound is HAAAAAA. . . (mouth wide open).

  • Spleen/Pancreas/Stomach – Earth – Harvest time – Yellow – Sweet or Bland – Worry to Fairness, Singing. the Sound is WHOOOOO. . . (from throat, guttural).

Pericardium/Triple Warmer – Fire – All Seasons. The Sound is HEEEEEE. P/TW correspond to the fire element, but the sound is usually done as the sixth since TW’s function is to balance, especially the temperature of the upper, middle and the lower burner of the body.

Preparation for the Practice

  • If you feel stiff or tense shake your body gently as you walk around.

Sit with a straight back in a quiet place. If you can not sit for some reason, find a comfortable position where you have both arms free to move. If you can not move, do the sounds only.

Making Six Healing Sounds with their movements opens the breath and gives you a sense of joyous freedom. To make them into Daily Tao Sounds, try doing them at the same time, at the same place – perhaps in the morning to catch the right tone and inner stillness for the day. Do each sound 6, 9 or 18 times (at least three times if in a hurry!).

Before beginning the sequence for each organ system, rest your open palms on your lap. Think of the special qualities you read above and your intention to transform all polluted energy into positive Chi each time you empty your lungs.

At he end of each sequence, direct your love to these amazing physical instruments that serve you, and thankfully accept the transformation of all negative to positive Chi. Repeat the daily Tao sounds as many times as your time allows.

The Practice

  • Lung/LI: Look up and breathe in as you raise the arms and turn the palms upwards. On SSSSSS. sound let your arms float slowly back to their original position. Breathe normally.

  • Kidney/UB: Breathe in as you bend your back and bring your hands to lock around your knees. Your neck straight to avoid unnecessary tension, push the abdominal muscles against the kidneys with a WOOOOO sound until the air in your lungs is spent. Breathing normally let the arms float back to rest on your lap.

  • Liver/GB: Breathe in as you make a large circle with your arms to lock the thumbs above your head and lean slightly to your left. On SHHHHHHH. sound let the arms float back along the circle back to your lap.

  • Heart/SI: Breathe in as you make a large circle with your arms to lock the thumbs above your head and lean slightly to your right. On HAAAAAA. . sound let the arms float back along the circle back to your lap.

  • Spleen/ST: Breathe in as you make a circle with your arms and bring your fingertips under the left ribcage (stomach area). Breathe out on WHOOOOOO. sound as you press as deep as feels comfortable to you. Breathe normally as you float your arms along the circle back to your lap.

  • PC/TW: Lean back in your chair keeping the neck straight but relaxed. Or lie on your back. Breathe in as you spread the arms and bring your hands above the head. On HEEEEEEE. sound glide your hands just above the body to rest on your lap.(This sound, done with movements at bedtime can help you to have a deep sleep).

Open Your Heart to the Virtues of great Love

Open your heart to the sounds while following the instructions, but do not worry about doing them ‘just right’. Remember that Daily Tao Sounds taught by Chi Kung masters or other Tao of Health practitioners may vary in the sounds’ form and movements, but their ‘Tai Chi Breathing’ is the same.

Emptying the lungs from stale air is always an important aspect of Tao of Health and a sense of balance it brings.

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