Her Secret Service, Silent Power of Womanhood

A Book of Transformation and Enlightenment

How does ‘Transformation and Enlightenment’ relate to the story of your book?

The exodus in ‘Her Secret Service’ is primarily Moses’ inner journey of transformation and enlightenment. Written as a spiritual novel, the reader journeys along with Moses and his people toward a clear understanding of the Laws of Creation that act through the balanced masculine-feminine power, which Moses discovered through his personal development and the ancient wisdom revealed to him.

What else do you hope readers will gain?

As they inwardly journey through the landscapes and unusual events they can identify with Moses’ and his people’s struggles and triumphs. The text reveals the expansive spiritual dimension of which every reader’s receptivity is capable. He/she will then naturally connect with his/her own intuitive understanding and certitude that is needed for transformation and enlightenment.

What is the most important thing we can say about your book?

Carefully researched yet spirited, it touches those who know that purely intellectual knowledge is limited. The individual realization gained by following Moses’ first set of commandments will help the reader’s own transformation and final enlightenment as well as conscious enjoyment of creative, exuberant life while helping heal and rebuild our now sick planet and its inhabitants.

In what way do you feel you are or your book is newsworthy?

Her Secret Service offers clear wisdom given thousands of years ago by wise people such as Moses and Enoch for our spiritual enlightenment, which is absolutely necessary if humanity is to survive and blossom.

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As Moses stood in the radiance of the Feminine Principle on Mount Sinai, he received the First set of Commandments. When he realized that humanity was not yet mature to observe their Law of Love, he broke them. However, their simple, inspiring directives for transformation and enlightenment were quietly passed on from one generation to the next. Now they are revealed within this book, and we better be ready to awaken to their call for life on earth cannot go on indefinitely unless we do so.

Each of us must realize that self-growth never stops. We are not to depend on the watered-down, lukewarm beliefs passed on to us by others, true spiritual knowledge comes by actively searching, experiencing and doing what it takes to reach the freedom of one’s own ‘Promised Land’.

What credentials or expertise do you bring to the ideas expressed in your book? What establishes you as an authority in this area?

My loving Finnish-Lutheran parents passed on to me unswerving faith and curiosity for everything, seen or unseen that nurtures life. Later, inspired by Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Taoist esoteric wisdom as well as transpersonal psychology, I gained further understanding about the unique potential for transformation and enlightenment residing in each human being.

Originally trained as a public health nurse, I came to see early on that physical-mental-spiritual health cannot be separated. Those principles have guided me throughout my career.

Realizing that the ancient Chinese medicine, compared to ours, is more holistic and therefore closer to my thinking, I studied it thoroughly and practiced it for over twenty years.

The primary goal of a Chinese medical doctor is to help the patient to balance the oscillating yin/yang energy (Chi) flow necessary for healthy living. Life, being of masculine/feminine balance, must manifest on all levels of Creation that way – as a God-given gift which, when losing its equilibrium must gain it back in order to continue. My writings, including ‘Her Secret Service, Silent Power of Womanhood’ reflect that viewpoint.

What is the most important thing we can say about you?

Say that even if I seem over the edge to the pious or too earnest to the skeptics of this world, I laugh like a child and love, love, love!

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Feminine Mystique

The following story is from my book ‘Her Secret Service, Silent power of Womanhood'. And this segment on 'Feminine Mystique' is about Moses’ adoptive mother, Princess Cheheny visiting Temple Island and what she learned from her dancer friend Eresi.

Cheheny had wandered to her favourite part of the island. She let a cool, soft breeze caress her face as she stood on the crest of the bank, listening to the rushing and murmuring of the Nile, watching its fast flow. For a split second, she felt as if she moved instead of the water below. Bemused, she turned away thinking, “This island is a world unto itself!”

She visited the Temple Island more frequently now that Moses was away at the boarding school. She loved to walk in its fragrant gardens and observe the busy activities of the women who lived on the island. And she enjoyed lively discussions with its residents, who shared her interest in the wonderful, hidden things of life.

Shielding her eyes from the brilliant sun, she watched a labourer as he climbed to the roof of the limestone temple. A carrying basket of red tiles to replace the old loose ones sat on his back. Another man on the ground held the ladder to keep it steady. Beside him was a hand wagon containing more tiles.

Toward the south end of the island stood a row of cone-shaped beehives fired from clay. The large garden around the buildings, watered daily by the residents, was bountiful in flowers that nourished the worker bees’ constant need for nectar. Beekeeping had come to provide a major source of income for the temple.

Cheheny watched a beekeeper, her head covered in gray netting, hold a plate of lit candles at the upper opening of a hive while she blew smoke into it. The bees retreated to the back of the hive to escape the suffocating smoke. In the meantime, another woman removed the honeycomb through the lower outlet. The practice was swift and seemed simple.

They piled the combs on a cart and rolled it to a workroom, where they separated the honey from the wax, then mixed it with ground herbs for healing purposes or simply put it in clay jars for use as a sweetener. The wax they made into candles of many shapes and sizes. The honey, healing formulations and candles were sold in nearby markets along with other produce from their farm across on the mainland.

Done watching, for the time being, Cheheny now walked through a sheltered grove surrounded by date palms and pomegranate trees and was glad to sit down on a bench in the shade.

Just then, the principal dancer of the temple approached her with bouncing steps and said smiling, “May I join you?”

“Of course Eresi,” answered Cheheny, moving over to make room beside her. She liked this young woman whose free spirit and inquiring mind brought joy to her surroundings. The two viewed the peaceful landscape and listened to the buzzing of bees around the flowers.

The dancer then picked up a winged sycamore seed from the ground, separated the pod, and stuck it on the ridge of her nose. She looked at Cheheny with a funny expression and they both broke up in laughter.

The Feminine Mystique – 1

That started Eresi telling Cheheny about her carefree childhood as the middle daughter of a well-to-do silk merchant and his wife. Eresi had three sisters and three brothers in all. The family lived down the river close to the seaport, where the foreign ships docked and brought their goods for exchange with the Egyptians. Eresi’s home was surrounded by a large walled garden; here the youngsters were free to romp and play tricks on each other.

“What brought you to become an initiate in this temple?” Cheheny asked.

“I was always inquisitive about life. Where does it come from and what is its meaning? What allows a bee to find the subtlest essence of a flower, or a plant to flourish with nourishment from the soil, the water, and the sun?

What is behind it all? Undisturbed nature is perfect, and I will never cease to wonder what makes it so! To this day, I ponder these kinds of questions and everyone who lives here understands my passion.”

Smiling, she looked around her and said, “There is constant motion all around us, often so subtle that you can hardly see it. But sometimes, when the wind rises, that motion can be robust, even violent.

As a child, I imitated the movements of flowers, trees, bees, and birds. That was my beginning as a dancer; it became a way of worship for me, and here I may practice it every day.” She moved her arms in a slow spiral.

She continued, “We were encouraged to commune with nature. Mother believed that through a close relationship with it and its unseen workers, we can learn to weave our own, beautiful tapestry of life.

‘There will be no end to the marvel of it!’ she used to say. And she meant not only the wonder of what our physical eyes can see but also the life-giving power of thoughts that are in harmony with nature, thoughts such as thankfulness and love .”

“Is your mother still alive?” Cheheny asked.

“As a strong inspiration to me, yes! But she left this earth long ago. There was a certain feminine mystique about her, and a mystery about her arrival as well as her sudden death.

She was only fifteen when our father met her on his travels east of the river Euphrates. Later, she spun their meeting and subsequent betrothal into one of the greatest of love stories. The tale seemed different every time she told it, but was always embellished with the magic of her native mountains and the wisdom of its happy people.”

Chuckling, Eresi moved closer to Cheheny and turned her face to her with an expression of absolute delight. “Mother,” she practically sang the word, “had such a sense of adventure and love of the extraordinary that she could not be surprised at anything.

“I’ll give you an example. Let’s say that she saw us seven siblings, floating on newly found individual clouds in the garden. I am sure her way of responding would be to laugh and say, ‘Oh, that looks like fun, but be careful children, do not bump into each other!’ Whatever was imaginable to her, she also saw as possible. That gives you an idea of what kind of a person she was.”

Eresi thought quietly for a moment, then continued, “On a more serious note, she spoke often about her three rules for living: ‘Remember the Origin of everything, Live in Thankfulness and Nurture Life!

Follow these principles you cannot go wrong!’

The Feminine Mystique – 2

“She practiced these simple rules in her life, and she treated everyone the same way. We had many servants and they knew that the family respected them as individuals and appreciated the quality of their work. Therefore they performed gladly and sincerely returned the respect.”

Eresi’s mother had attended a special wisdom school in her early youth and perhaps it was because of it that she carried this feminine mystique about her! She was also able to express her spiritual knowledge in a clear manner. One morning she had spoken to the girls about womanhood.

The dancer remembered that occasion vividly. “We sat in the garden while a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the eucalyptus tree above us. Butterflies darted from one flower to another and the sky was a perfect blue.

“There our mother began to teach us.” The young woman turned to Cheheny with sparkling eyes, “Would you like me to share with you what I learned?”

“Oh please do, I love to listen!”

With a thoughtful smile, Eresi said, “Mother spoke about the heavens, especially about the highest Feminine, the supreme model for us women.

“She said, ‘While our Creator remains eternally secret, out of His Brilliance issues forth the Radiation of Love, the Queen of Womanhood. She brings forms into being by her mere existence, and as the first embodiment from the Source, She radiates the Will of perfect Love into all the worlds.

‘From Her issues forth constantly moving and fashioning Power of Law of Love, always in perfect feminine/masculine balance, and with endless potential. To this Power, we owe our very existence and it affects us at every moment.

‘We can experience this reality through intuition, which opens up our understanding for the Light connections and for vibrant creativity otherwise dormant within us.

‘Become truly feminine, perceptive and humble, and you will receive perfect guidance and gifts beyond measure. Everything is contained in this attitude of feminine receptivity!’ Our mother urged us.”

“That sounds wonderfully simple,” exclaimed Cheheny. “But even if we understand it, to follow the guidance is a real challenge while living in the tumult of the world.”

“That is true,” agreed Eresi. “For me, being a resident of this ancient temple is good from that standpoint, but even here we create our own challenges.”

“Unfortunately it is so wherever we are,” said Cheheny. “We forget, because of the pressures from within and without, that our experiences are profitable only if we follow the inner guidance.”

“Yes, our bodies with their sensations, feelings and intellect are useful tools only when they do not usurp the mastership of the spirit. But thank goodness we have intuition and receptivity as gateways to understanding the language of the spirit.

“This language expresses itself in living, albeit flashing, pictures or sounds instead of earthly speech or thought. Also, a yearning for guidance helps open up the inner ear or eye to receive the clarity, support and strength of the Law of Love.”

The Feminine Mystique – 3

Both women remained silent until Eresi exclaimed, “Stay alert! Mother said. Spiritual pride and vanity are hostile to Light, and may result in personal imaginings and false visions! But by staying vigilant we are perfectly guided toward becoming fully conscious beings.

“Furthermore, gratitude roots the Power in the soul and sends strong currents of our commitment back to the Source. And the more we praise the Giver of All Gifts, the more we receive. Jubilant worship and joyous activity truly are the perfect prayers!”

“Your mother was truly a woman of Wisdom!”

“We were at her feet many times and my memory is a storehouse of knowledge she gave to us over the years. But I always felt that her whole being was the knowing.

“She made me realize that we women, as carriers of feminine Grace and Power, have a special role to play in the evolution of humankind.

We are the mediators for the Light because of the receptive nature of our spirits.

“We can ennoble our surroundings and transmit the Light radiations by simply being aware of It. This is how the Queen of Creation, or the Eternal Mother as She is also called, is our ultimate model.

“Our mother would smile knowingly and somewhat mischievously when she said, ‘I know from my own life experiences that the woman provides the anchorage of Light for her man; she is the support he needs to fully manifest his active and affirmative nature. Her mere existence, if she is committed to Light, brings fulfillment and success.’

“We can achieve the fullness of our feminine gifts,” Eresi continued, “by always remembering and honouring our Origin, and by thinking, feeling, and acting with the awareness it brings. Then we will have all the help we need, and our thoughts and actions are imbued with Grace.

“A woman who lives this way is beautiful no matter her physical age or form because she is a pure expression of her inspiring, original spirit.”

They sat in silence. Eresi closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. Cheheny, also moved by their shared experience, placed her hand on the young woman’s.

Finally, Eresi whispered, “The last time my sisters and I sat with our mother I was closest to her. After she finished speaking, she stroked my hair. Something very difficult to put into words opened up for me. I had listened to her stories and teachings for many years and thought that I understood their significance.

“But not until she touched my head with her hand did I fully, deep within, experience her words and the love they carried. At that moment she gifted me with simplicity, joy and certitude. They now are the foundation of my life.

“I am truly thankful for everything I received, and my sincere wish is to pass it on to you my friend.”


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Cosmic Path

Microcosmic Orbit

On a clear night, we can see the cosmic path of the faraway moon and know that all waters on earth are affected by its powerful energies. This must also apply to our bodies for they are mainly water.

Are we aware of this connection, aware that each of us has microcosmic orbits as a reflection of the great cosmic paths through which WuChi or universal energy moves?

Do we accept expressions such as ‘as above, so below’ to be true without making a practical effort to understand what they mean?

And how could this greater understanding help us as human beings? Could we make our cosmic knowledge into a life experience and therefore gain from it?

Yes, we can.

A legacy of Wisdom for Chi Energy Transformation

'Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub; It is the center hole that makes it useful. Shape clay into a vessel; It is the space within that makes it useful. Cut doors and windows for a room; It is the holes which make it useful. Therefore profit comes from what is there; Usefulness from what is not there.'

– Poem 11 – Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English.

Ancient Chinese sages left a legacy of wisdom for Chi Energy Transformation for those of us who are committed to spiritual healing and growth. Writings on Enlightenment of Consciousness such as ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’ were passed on to us often in an obscure or secret language.

In my many decades’ quest to understand these books of consciousness and life, I have found that to siphon their meaning is only possible through practice that brings an experiential-intuitive understanding of them.

But what amazing revelations are in store for those who stay with their commitment and practice!

In the early nineties, I had an opportunity to study with Master Mantak Chia, who brought many of the Chinese esoteric practices into a western format.

My on-going commitment is to give you, in as a practical format as possible, what I learned about the expansion of consciousness during my long quest and the practices it entailed.

Everything you read on the HappySoulHealthyBody pages is given in the spirit of Loving Tao, which to me means trusting the process while each of us takes responsibility individually for the journey.

How to Purify and Channel Chi along the MicroCosmic Path?

Chi Energy Meditation, Inner Smile (on our Meditation Guide page) and Micro Cosmic Orbit you learn here, focus on purifying and channelling Chi. Since they centre within the body, they are – like other Chinese meditation exercises – grounded and grounding.

Therefore they are safe to practice when done according to the instructions. My recommendation to you is to learn the Chi Energy Meditation and Inner Smile first and use the awareness gained from their practices as a foundation for your further cosmic education.

The mid-line cosmic path within us runs through the centres (chakras), which are like wheels in motion – Chi energy moving in a spiral fashion, the way it flows on all levels of creation. Think of the pictures you have seen of DNA!

Each centre corresponds to nerves, organs and glands, and your concentration on the circulation of pure Light Chi through the points along the central cosmic path helps transform negative energy of your cellular memories to positive light energy of higher standard.

Circulation of Light

The main cosmic path for the Circulation of Light follows the Conception channel in the front and the Governing channel at the back, both running along the center of the body. You can purify, re-enforce and stimulate the Chi within this microcosmic path by concentrating on its flow through the fourteen centers. This then benefits your whole being.

Baihui or ‘Hundred Meetings’ is the highest point in the body and is used in ancient acupuncture to alleviate headache, dizziness, to clear the senses and mental disorders, to calm the spirit, to stabilize and strengthen the Yang energy.

In all meditation exercises, Baihui is a pivotal point in connecting to your higher self in order to consciously draw in all-embracing and all-loving universal cosmic energy. Concentration on this point inspires receptivity and thankfulness as you begin to experience the seamless oneness that permeates the universe.

From Baihui you consciously move its cleansing Chi to the mid-eyebrow point Yintang, sometimes called the Wisdom Eye. It is used for headache, dizziness, hypertension, insomnia, common cold, and one of its traditional functions is to calm the spirit.

Here you can connect with the balanced Yin/Yang energy and set the circulation of light along your cosmic path into orbit by moving along the Functional channel to the Throat centre, the Heart, Solar Plexus, the Naval, the Sexual centre.

From Perineum – Huiyin or Conception 1 (‘the million dollar point’) the energy moves upwards along the Governing channel. At the Sacral Pump, your mind and breath may have to give a conscious ‘push’ to the energy for it go upwards.

Chi then moves to Life gate or Mingmen. It corresponds to the Kidneys, is parallel to the navel in front. The next point at the back is T11 or Adrenal point opposite the Solar Plexus.

The back Heart point is parallel to the one in the front, circle the energy there, then move to the back Throat point and from there to Jade pillow or ‘Mouth of God’. Another name for this area is Cranial Pump, where you consciously move the energy through the cerebellum back to Baihui.

At Baihui, by being receptive and childlike you receive more of the universal undifferentiated Wu Chi, and you may already feel tingling sensations in the upper part of the brain as new neural pathways are being made. After diligent practice, they become more prominent and you may see and experience your ‘Golden Flower’ that opens up new cosmic knowledge bringing happiness and creativity.

Stay focused on Wu Chi, be thankful and sincere, and repeat the process again and again along with your cosmic path. Of course, if you are an Indigo child or otherwise aware of the Generative Force (Kundalini) already functioning, you may just become more aware of the flow and continuous expansion of your consciousness.

Energy in the Service of Good Intention

Remember that energy is one with intention, it moves the way you want it to move when you have a clear inner vision with focused attention. Eventually, this intention command is not needed and the focus shifts to your Chi breathing along with the microcosmic path.

The strong power may feel as if gushing through the cosmic path rather than stopping at any of the centres. As the alignment with Wu Chi and the circulation of light becomes clearer, the breath becomes wider, the Chi flows naturally dissolving all the blocks along its cosmic path bringing smile to every cell. And often, I do not focus on every centre as a moving spiral but trust or feel that this is happening anyway.

Devotional Attitude

When Wu Chi at Baihui is in focus, I hear the name Immanuel (to me meaning the Will of the Creator) and that triggers a sense of devotion, thankfulness and praise, which in turn expands my consciousness more and more. I stay at Baihui in a state of worship, feeling blissful. On an out-breath, I finally bring the blessings along the front channel down to Mother Earth and stay in her love and generosity – for she is one with the Great Cosmic Mother.

Of course, this work is not be done in a day, but if you are committed, your inner guidance is always available. And after each practice, you can consciously collect the evolving ‘pearl’ energy in a special cosmic space where your original generative force resides.

Complete each practice by placing your palms on the lower abdomen and let the pearl energy circulate in the place where your earth life started at the time of conception.

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